Day 4- The Empathy Interviews

On Sunday we focused on the Empathy Interviews session, that actually was a dynamic open-air activity where we had to engage with local people.

The educators were presenting the Empathy Interview session.

But what is an empathy interview, and why did we decide to use this type of survey to collect data? As the educators told us Empathy Interviews can be defined as one-on-one conversations that use open-ended questions to explicit stories and anedocts about specific experiences of the stakeholders involved that help uncover unacknowledged needs.

We acknoledged the importance of delivering such a methodology while trying collect useful and based on reality data to establish a diagnosis of the urban tissue of our interest. What is collected through this methodology, indeed, works like a puzzle as the fragment of a puzzle that helps us reconstruct a situation based on the living, everyday experiences of the people involved.

The Empathy Interview methodology helps to understand the whole puzzle starting from everyday life real experiences. Image source:

The methodology of empathy storytelling was then delivered and put into practice with the inhabitants of the neighbourhood. In particular, our scope was trying to understand what was the opinion and the position of the community in regard to the possibility of co-construction of an action plan for a community garden named Himmelbeet.  

The participants during the Empathy interviews experience.