Welcome to the Urban Civic Education Lab!


“Urban Civic Education Lab” is a 24 month strategic partnership involving 3 NGOs from Austria, Italy and Germany. The partners are experienced in working with young people aimed to promote social entrepreneurship of NEETs in order to foster transition to autonomy and employability/entrepreneurial engagement.

Social entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship education will be the main reference points of this strategic partnership. They will be used in combination with digital storytelling and elements of the non formal education methodology in a concerted transnational effort as mutually reinforcing components of a comprehensive approach to entrepreneurial empowerment.


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Best cases

At the moment we are researching best cases in Europe which can inspire our trainees to embark a new journey.

The best cases will be chosen upon 3 categories of Placemaking, Social Entrepreneurship and Social Campaigning.
The UCE LAB aims to transfer the knowledge of specific cases of practice in Europe to young people in order to encourage them and put ideas into action. The implementation of this includes educational approaches that aim to develop social entrepreneurship skills among young people and gaining knowledge about the implementation of Placemaking and Social Campaigning.
The methodology used combines non-formal, as well as political-democratic, social and entrepreneurial education approaches. These are used to enhance components of a comprehensive and progressive approach to entrepreneurship skills projected to the social issues of urban areas.

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Urban Civic Education LAB will provide two training weeks for young social entrepreneurs in Vienna and Berlin. We will launch our first call for participants in February 2021.

The aim of the UCE LAB and its trainings is to impart skills in the areas of social entrepreneurship that relate to social issues in urban areas. Young people get the chance to implement innovative ideas based on best practices and to create a social surplus for their local society.

The target group for the trainings are young people with innovative and creative ideas who want to address social issues in urban areas, adding social value to the local communities in which they live. The trainings are therefore a way to transfer knowledge to young people as support for the implementation of their plans for the design of public spaces.

Depending on the Covid-19 situation, the training weeks will be physically present or online in Vienna and Berlin. The environment will then represent not only the training rooms and workshops, but also the projects presented.